Volunteers are integral to the success of what we do. Some of our volunteer positions require musical knowledge, but many do not. Mentorship positions are open to self-identified women and nonbinary folks, but there are several non-mentorship positions open to all genders (i.e. food crew, equipment moving, set up/tear down etc). We expect our volunteers to place the physical and emotional safety of our campers above all else, and show up at Camp on time and ready to participate and be present.

We have outlined some potential volunteer positions below, but we are also really open to ideas. If you have skills that you feel would be a good fit for the camp, but you don’t see them reflected in these descriptions, please let us know! While musical instruction and collaboration will be a big part of camp, we also plan to facilitate a bunch of different workshops and additional skill-building sessions.

Also note that while several of our volunteer positions require week long participation, many do not. We know people are busy and life can be demanding. While there are suggested time commitments listed in the volunteer descriptions below, we really want to enable broad participation, so let us know your situation and let’s try to find creative solutions. Or maybe you are unavailable that whole week, but are interested in helping with the organizing leading up to camp. That works too!  

For more information on volunteering, contact us HERE, or email girlsrockcampnorthbc@gmail.com

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with us!

Volunteers Positions Available

Instrument and voice instructors (drums, bass, guitar, singing, keyboard): Ideally we will have at least one instructor per instrument (4+). Depending on volunteer numbers and availability, it would be ideal if instrument instructors were available for 3-4 hours each day. 

Band Manager: Although we are still developing camp programming, many other Girls Rock Camps finish the week with a big concert for friends and family where each “band” (~4 campers/band) will perform a song. If we don’t have enough campers/volunteers, we may choose to forego having a concert/showcase (although it would be awesome!). With 16 campers, there would be 4 band coach/manager positions available. Ideally, band managers would be available 4 hours/day.

Workshop facilitators: We will likely have at least 1 workshop per day (likely 2), totalling ~10 workshops for the week. This portion of camp is quite flexible, so please get at us with ideas! Body positivity, anti-oppression 101, zine and poster making, self esteem, consent, yoga/body movement/dance, etc.

General volunteers (aka, people doing everything): With 16 campers, it would be ideal to have at least 4 people present at camp at all times. We will also need help with set-up/take down everyday (likely from 9-10:00 am, and 4-4:30 pm), getting lunch and snacks set up (11:30-1:00 pm), moving instruments, providing support and encouragement, and just generally being in the space in a good way and taking notice of how people seem to be doing. Unlimited positions available, time commitment is flexible.