Girls Rock Camp North is a volunteer-run, week-long summer program for self-identified girls and gender creative youth aged 9-17, operating out of Lheidli T’enneh/Prince George, BC.



Make Some Noise!

By encouraging girls and non-binary youth aged 9 - 17 to take space with their voices and instruments, we empower them with the confidence to advocate for themselves and express their individuality!

Camp is on hiatus for 2019, and will return in 2020. Check in here for updates, or contact to be added to our mailing list.





Sponsorship Opportunities

We are so grateful to be organizing GRCN in a supportive community like Prince George, and have already been approached by multiple people looking for ways to support the camp. Support can look like many things--words of encouragement, spreading the word, sharing ideas, time and expertise, and financial support. We are trying to do everything we can to ensure camp is financially accessible to all interested individuals; camp fees operate on a sliding scale basis ($0-300.00) and we will be providing lunch and snacks throughout the day. If you see something listed below that you would like to sponsor, please email us ( and we will let you know how to proceed! We will also make you Girls Rock Camp North Famous by putting your name on our Friends Of GRCN page, as well as singing your praises on our social media pages! Alternatively, we will provide anonymity for those who wish for that, instead.

Sponsorship Option 1: Sponsor Supplies

Check it out! For those that would like to donate a tangible item or two to GRCN, we have a Wish List below: 

Various Types of Paper (Patterned/Textured/Blank/Cardstock)

Artist's Markers/Pens

Funky Stickers/Decals

Yoga Mat or Yoga Blanket

Plates For the Week: Disposable (60 count), or reusable/take-home (12 count)

Sponsorship Option 2: Sponsor Snacks For A Day ($60)

Your generous donation will provide a day's worth of nutritious snacks for our campers, ensuring that their brains and bodies are well-fed, so they can rock out!

Sponsorship Option 3: Sponsor A Lunch ($120)

We are very lucky to have lunch sponsorship from a few local restaurants (soon to be announced!), but there are still a couple of days that haven't been sponsored, and we will gladly put your generous donation towards a delicious, nutritious meal from one of Prince George's many locally-owned restaurants. 

Sponsorship Option 4: Sponsor A Camper ($300)

Your generous donation will offset the costs for a camper who may not be able to meet the fees needed to host them for the week. It costs approximately $300 dollars per camper to be at camp, this includes such things as daily lunches, snacks and juice boxes, music equipment including rentals and repairs, and workshops. 


If you see something listed above that you would like to sponsor, please email us ( and we will let you know how to proceed! We also accept cash donations of any amount, if nothing on the list above is quite what you'd like to donate. Thank you for your support!