Girls Rock Camp North



Girls Rock Camp North is a grass-roots organisation that cultivates self-empowerment and positive self-image in self-identified girls and gender creative youth through music creation and performance, skills sharing and building, and peer collaboration.

We aim to create a sustainable, annual project that will encourage community building, as well as provide mentorship and leadership opportunities in Prince George and surrounding area.

We believe in the power of music to create personal and social change, and we aim to expand opportunities for girls, women and gender nonconforming individuals by equipping them with the technical, social, and self-advocacy skills to live by their own terms with integrity and respect for others.

Simultaneously, we aim to increase the number of girls who wish to participate in various music scenes, and strive to end the gender imbalance and challenges that self-identified women and minorities experience in the industry. We support change through positive action, including but not limited to mentorship, collaborative musicianship, and technical skills building.


Intentions & Commitments

Girls Rock Camp North will be taking place on unceded Lheidli T'enneh Territory. While GRCN will be a space for music creation, we also hope to be in active conversation throughout the week about other important and challenging realities. We (the organizers) have strong feelings about our commitment to anti- racism, colonialism, heteronormativity, and albleism. In creating space for creativity and building power for youth voices, these are things we are working to be really intentional about. We also know that, based on our own identities, we may be limited in our lived experiences from which to create spaces of safety for all camp participants and volunteers. With this in mind, we are very interested in hearing your feedback, needs and suggestions. And- if you aren't sure what this means, that is super okay and we would love to chat with you about it!



Britt Meierhofer

Jillian Wagg

Maddy Wilson